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You can now access remote counselling via Zoom at reduced rates call Jayne direct on

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Jayne and I have worked together for a few months now. Both

counselling and group therapies. It has helped me a lot and Jayne is

good at her job. I feel I can really trust Jayne and talk to her. Jayne

works really hard and is always wanting to bring new and exciting things

to the groups".


"I think my problem for a very long time has been lack of

self-esteem. This has caused so many other problems in my life, to the

point that before Christmas last year I didn't feel like I was worth

much at all. I cant believe how much better I feel now. I feel human

agian, I feel like a worthwhile member of society, I feel like I want to

live my life again, I feel happy. To say I feel happy may not seem like

much to most people, but to me it's so incredible, it really is

amazing. I litterally can't express it enough. Jayne has guided me so

well, always steering me in the right direction, giving me advice when

I've needed it, giving me support and comfort when I've needed it,

always reassuring me of how well I was doing and constantly helping me

to find myself, to find that part inside of me that was confident and

happy. It's extremely hard to put into words what she actually did and

how it worked for me, I think it's just how nice, warm, welcoming,

supportive and wanting to help she seems. I cant imagine where I would

be without her".


" As an aside can I just add how impressed I was with the

services you are offering vulnerable people and how your centre felt as a

visitor. It had a real buzz about it- with great interaction between

the service providers and the users, and the whole place felt well

organized, active and under control. I hope this does not sound

patronising but in my time as a trustee of **** and **** Foundation, I

have visited several services and it was not always the case that one

felt as impressed. You do some really good and important work for the

community we live in. A big thanks for that."


" I have worked with Jayne as her therapist and subsequently her

counselling supervisor. Jayne has always demonstrated an exceptional,

intuitive approach to her work and training as a counsellor. She has a

natural ability to intergrate phsychodynamic theoretical training,

intuition and life experience, in her work, which enables the building

of a bespoke, therapeutic relationship with her clients

P.C. Psychodynamic Counsellor and supervisor.

" Jayne was able to use her skills to help my client explore

issues which were impacting on her ability to care for her children. My

client has been able to identify her attachment issues and

co-dependencies; this has enbled her to take responsibility for her

behaviour and move towards making more thought through decision

S.H Specialist Public Health Nurse.

" Jayne's ever growing knowledge and understanding of the human

psyche has had a huge impact on mine and our services' treatment of

clients. Jayne is always willing to pass on her learning to the team as

she is incredibly committed to our service and clients"

P.W. Drug Therapist

" Jayne seems to have an uncanny way of making me open up about

issues I never knew existed in myself. I've tried various mathods of

treatment but found most ineffectual and boring. But Jayne seems to make

the most mundane interesting. This lady is a massive asset to the

service and to myself.


" Whilst working on my placement as a counsellor, Jayne has

always offered me support. She always helps me reflect on my work and

helps me to look at where it would be possible to look at different

approachs with particular clients. Jayne's support has been invaluable

to my progress as a student and as a counsellor".

D. P. Integrative Counsellor.

"I started having counselling and I feel like a completely

different person, I have a whole new life and for the first time I truly

feel I am in charge of my own destiny".




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